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10 Trendy Pet Products

August 24, 2015

Living with our pets comes with its share of baggage – we often end up buying many pet beds, bowls, toys and other knickknacks that may get the job done, but won’t quite go with your home decor, or are just plain eyesores.

Well-designed pet gear can provide the necessary comforts your pet needs, without sacrificing style or having to be hidden away in small apartments or condos with limited storage. Here are our top ten picks that will add a quirky, yet stylish touch to your home.

  1. This 100% natural, hand-felted Merino wool cat cave is available in four sizes and its soft, round shape and neutral colors will match many interior styles, while providing a hideaway for cats and small dogs up to 20 pounds.
  2. British designed and manufactured, these bone shaped dog feeding stations (and the fish shaped cat feeding station) come in several pop inspired colors that will brighten any kitchen corner.
  3. New from Hagen, Vesper cat trees in both birch and black, made from a durable and high-grade composite material called Medium Density Fiberboard, seamlessly blend in with your modern decor while giving your kitty a luxurious place to perch, rest, and play.
  4. If you’re the crafty type, you can make origami treat dispensing balls or mice for your cat in colors and prints that match your home.
  5. For a touch of British flair in your entrance that does double duty to wipe muddy paws, roll out this Wipe Paws and Carry On runner by Pet Rebellion in your entryway.
  6. The Urban Lounger from Bowser beds comes in a dizzying array of trendy patterns, such as this taupe and white quatrefoil and Wedgwood toile-inspired print that can match any decor from contemporary to French countryside – it even comes in extra large for our larger canine friends.
  7. Beloved by many style and decor editors, the Modkat top-entry litter box reduces litter tracking and looks nice and tidy in a corner. It even comes with an integrated scoop that hangs neatly on the side.
  8. This dog toy storage chest keeps you from tripping over your dog’s toys in a modular bone shape. It shows that you’re a dog lover in a tasteful way, without being over the top.
  9. If you’re like most cat lovers, you most likely have bags and bags of cat treats cluttering up a shelf somewhere. Stow them away in this rustic and stylish jar that you won’t mind displaying proudly on your kitchen counter (find a variety of stylish jars for Fido here).
  10. Lastly, just because your four-legged pal needs a blanket to cozy up in, doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice style. An affordable, machine-washable, colorful fleece throw like this one from IKEA (it’s not just for humans!) adds a punch of color and a soft, snuggly place for your pet to sit. Added bonus: the fleece will catch any shedding, and your sofas will remain fur-free!

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