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Keeping Your Cat Cool This Summer

August 24, 2015

There are many tips available that emphasize how important it is for canines to stay cool and safe in the summer heat. But what about for felines? It’s just as important for cats to avoid heat exhaustion and heat stroke, as both can be serious health concerns in warm weather.

Here are some quick tips that can help keep your cat cool and comfortable during those hot summer days:

Keep Fresh and Cool Water Accessible

Like humans, cats will get thirsty when they become hot. Make sure that there they have access to fresh, cool water when things heat up. You can even add a couple ice cubes to their water dish to encourage them to drink.

Let Them Enjoy Cold Surfaces

Cats love sunbathing, but when temperatures soar, they can be seen hanging out on cool surfaces, hence why you will see your kitty curled up in the porcelain sink or flopped out on your kitchen tiles. Let them enjoy these cool areas.

Ensure Cool Air is Circulating

Use a fan and open some windows to let fresh air circulate. Make sure that windows are secured with screens so your cat stays safely inside the house.

Avoid Shaving Your Cat’s Fur

As humans, we automatically assume that if cats have less fur, they will be less hot. This is not the case. Cats can regulate their own body temperature and shaving their coat can interfere with the natural insulation their coat provides.

As a rule of thumb, if you feel the weather’s too hot for your liking, chances are it’s hot for your pet too! Share your own tips on how you keep your pets comfortable in the heat!

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