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Can I Add Pumpkin to my Dog or Cat’s Food?


2 October 2020



When autumn starts, so does pumpkin season! While you enjoy your pumpkin spiced goodies, you may ask yourself whether or not your dog or cat can enjoy this huge orange fruit as well. The answer is yes! However, there are a few things to note prior to feeding your dog or cat pumpkin.

Firstly, it is best to use fresh pumpkin rather than commercial pumpkin purees since these are too rich in sugar and spices for our furry friends.

Secondly, you must never give raw pumpkin to your pet.

Lastly, it is recommended to give pumpkin to your pet as a treat and not as their main diet. You can give them 1 to 2 teaspoons daily. Otherwise, you can feed them a formula that already contains pumpkin like our Care Sensitive Skin & Stomach formula for cats or Care Sensitive Skin & Stomach formula for dogs.

Pumpkins make great Halloween decorations, but they’re also a safe fruit packed with benefits for your pet. Here are some examples:

Helps fight diarrhea

Pumpkin pulp contains soluble fibre which absorbs excess water in the digestive system to help control your pet’s diarrhea. High in fibre, pumpkin also helps relieve constipation.

Promotes weight loss

Full of fibre and water, it helps your pet feel satiated even though they eat fewer calories. Pumpkin slows down digestion; that’s why your pet feels full for a longer period of time.

Prevents the formation of hairballs

Pumpkin fiber eases the passage of hairballs through your cat’s digestive tract. This way, hairballs are eliminated through stool rather than being regurgitated on your beautiful living room rug! Adding this food to your cat’s diet helps prevent the formation of new hairballs.

Natural de-wormer

Pumpkin seeds are rich in cucurbitin, an amino acid acting as a natural de-wormer by paralyzing tapeworms and other intestinal parasites.

Tip: Roast and grind the seeds before serving; do not add salt.

Rich in vitamins

  • Vitamin A: Helps maintain a healthy immune system and good vision.
  • Vitamin C: Boosts immunity and helps fight joint pain.
  • Vitamin E: Potent antioxidant which primarily helps to protect the body against cellular damage.
  • Beta-carotene: Antioxidant which slows down the aging process.
  • Lutein: Promotes eye, skin, and coat health.
  • Zinc: Helps improve skin and coat appearance.

On top of having so many excellent benefits, pumpkin is also a low-calorie food making it the perfect treat to give to your pet. Next time you’re cooking with pumpkin, don’t forget to share some with your furry furriend!


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