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5 Dog Walking Apps to Try


26 May 2016



Finding the time to walk your pup as much as you would like to can be tricky when you’re working a typical 9 to 5 job. If your house sits empty all day while your family is at work or school, your dog is sitting at home unable to get outside and exercise until someone gets home.

Luckily, easy to use dog-walking apps are becoming increasingly popular. Dog walking apps allow users to do things like book an instant dog walk, schedule a walk or coordinate recurring walk appointments on a daily basis. We found some great examples below of dog walking apps for our customers in both Canada and the U.S. Learn more below!


GoFetch is an on demand dog-walking app available across Canada. Similar to Uber, GoFetch users open the app and use GPS to find “Fetchers”, or dog walkers, in their vicinity to book a walk. Users can track their dog’s walk with GPS and status updates, and dog walkers can be saved in the favourites tab to be requested again at a later date. GoFetch does not take a fee from dog walks, but rather the “Fetcher” sets the price and the fee goes to them directly. All Fetchers go through a screening process and background check. Users can choose their Fetcher based on rating, profile and price.


Wag! is a super popular dog-walking app that currently operates in several major cities across the U.S. The app allows users to book a certified dog walker on an on-demand, scheduled or weekly basis. Users can track their dog’s walk with live GPS tracking.  Dog walkers are fully insured and bonded, going through an extensive application process that includes background checks and hands-on tests. The company even provides free lockboxes for house keys.


Woggy is another dog-walking app recently launched in Canada. The app became available on the Google Play Store in January and hopes to launch on the Apple Store in the next few months. Using GPS, users can quickly book a dog walker in their area. All dog walkers are insured and no cash is required for payment – dog owners pay using credit cards or PayPal.


Rover is a very popular dog-walking app available across the U.S. The app allows users to schedule a walk in advance, ideally anticipating their dog’s needs ahead of time. Walkers provide a 30-minute dog walk per reservation, but can stop by the users home as many times as necessary on whatever days needed. To find a dog walker, users search by their zip code, meet the dog walker in person to determine if they’re a good fit, and finally book and pay for their walk through the app’s secure platform. Rover provides easy and flexible scheduling – a walk can be cancelled at any time – and walkers provide updates on the dog’s walk, including photos. The service includes premium insurance, 24/7 support and a reservation guarantee.


Swifto is a dog-walking app based in New York City. Similar to the other apps on this list, Swifto provides GPS tracked dog walking, as well as text alerts, live photos and private one-on-one walks. The service offers flexible scheduling (walks available anywhere between 6AM and 11PM), guaranteed appointments, and insured and bonded walkers. They even offer complimentary feeding and walkers are able to administer medication if necessary. For first time users, the service offers a free trial meet and greet.

These services would be incredibly helpful for busy pet owners. Have you ever used a dog-walking app? Tell us about it below!