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6 Tips for Keeping Your Dog’s Routine During Cold & Wet Weather


20 November 2015



It’s that time of year when the weather is taking a turn and things are getting chilly and wet out there. It’s important to keep your dog healthy and active even when the cold and rainy weather is making it difficult to do so. Here are some tips to keep your pup’s routine and make sure they are getting enough exercise during the shorter, drearier days.

Gear Up!
Braving the rain and the cold weather isn’t so bad when you have the proper apparel. Maple Leash is a Canadian company that makes clothing for the Canadian dog. Their “Bawa Jacket” is entirely water and snow resistant (and super stylish!).

Doggy Playdate
When it’s nasty outdoors, why not bring the party inside and schedule an indoor puppy playdate? Dog proof an area and let the dogs burn some energy playing together in the house.

Indoor Hide and Seek
Not only will this game tire your dog out, it will keep their mind sharp too. Hide your dog’s favourite toy somewhere in the house and encourage them to find it. Better yet: hide and when your dog uncovers your hiding, place reward them with a treat.

Indoor Fetch
Perhaps you have a long hallway, or a larger room that can be used to play indoor fetch. Use your dog’s favourite toy, and spend some time throwing and retrieving.

Stay Safe During Walks
It’s important that your dog goes out for their daily walks. In addition to making sure they are staying warm despite wet and slushy conditions, it’s also important they stay safe. The Beacon light can clip onto collars and keeps your pup visible in low-light conditions.

Keep Outdoor and Indoor Toys Separate
The rain and snow tend to take their toll on pet toys, which can get lost in this soggy mix. Buy rubber and pet-safe plastic toys to use outside. Store them in a waterproof container or in the garage so that they are easy to find before playtime. Keep the fluffy stuffies indoors for dry playtime and cuddles.

The winter months are ahead, and it’s important as a pet owner that you prepare and have alternative methods to keep your dog active and healthy. How do you keep your dog motivated in the cold weather?