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7 Reasons Why Pet Parents Opt for Small Breed Dogs


22 May 2015



Small breed dogs are compact, full of energy and just simply adorable. If you are looking to adopt a new furry member of the family, here are 7 reasons why a small breed dog could be your perfect match.

  1. Smaller dogs are popular with city dwellers that live in restricted spaces such as condos and apartments.
  2. Small breeds are easier to travel with in cars, on trains and on planes. If you are a globetrotter, a small dog could be your best travel buddy.
  3. These dogs are great lap dogs, giving you lots of opportunity to share the couch or bed.
  4. Less is more with these little guys: they eat less food, are less messy, and shed less fur.
  5. Smaller breeds in general require less extensive exercise than their larger counterparts, which works well for people with a busy work schedule.
  6. Don’t underestimate their size; although small, these dogs can keep guard and warn you of any outdoor noise and movements so you can feel secure.
  7. Many stores, hotels and even some restaurants will welcome smaller pets, allowing you to bring your pup along for a nice outing.

Do you have a small breed dog? Tell us why your pup is a perfect fit for you!