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Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Dogs and Cats in 2023


4 October 2021



Spooky season is here! In preparation, we have compiled a list of our favourite Halloween costume ideas for your dog or cat for 2023.

A hot dog

You get the joke and so will your neighbours. Strut your pup around town in their new hot dog costume and you’re guaranteed to get a few chuckles along the way. This costume works especially well if you have a Dachshund.

A pumpkin spice latte

It’s the drink of the season and probably your go-to order at Starbucks right now! The sweetest costume this year for sure!

@Andrea Arden

A unicorn

Unicorns are everyone’s favourite mythical creature, and who wouldn’t want to run into a unicorn on Halloween? We definitely would. We think this costume would look especially magical on a pup with a long fluffy tail.

A loaf of bread

We’ve all seen the memes of cats with bread, right? So why not make your big loaf a walking meme?

UPS driver

With all the adorable stories we read on Facebook about the love affair between a local UPS driver and the neighbourhood dogs, we had to include this one.

ups dog costume halloween

Beanie baby

This one is an oldie but a goodie! A simple costume that only takes a few pieces of paper and glue. 

A lion

We recommend you try this out if you have a Golden Retriever, a beige pup or an orange cat.

A sunflower

This one has got to be one of our favourites! Who wouldn’t smile after seeing a fluffy face in a sunflower?

sunflower costume dog


If you have a Great Dane, you’ve probably already thought of this. If you haven’t, then it’s time to try it out! All you’ll need is a blue collar and some Scooby Snacks.

A bat

This one is adorable and so simple! If your cat is black, this is definitely a good costume to try out.

A nurse or doctor

We know this year has been a struggle for most, especially our healthcare workers. Why not show them a little love by dressing your pup as a nurse or doctor?


We know dogs are especially fond of marking their territory on fire hydrants, so why not dress them as a firefighter? We think this costume would be especially cute for a Dalmatian.

cat firefighter costume

Baby Yoda

People have been going crazy over baby Yoda lately. And let’s be honest, some of our pets really resemble him. Get your paws on this one quickly, they’re selling fast! This costume is perfect for cats, Shiba Inus, Shar-Peis, Bulldogs and Pugs (just like Doug the Pug below). 


Enjoy these boo-tiful 2023 Halloween costumes for dogs and cats! They’ll surely earn you lots of treats!

Disclaimer: We do not own the rights to some of these images. Message us for credit.


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