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Best Dog Food According to Protégez-Vous


3 December 2021



As a pet owner, you are probably looking for the best food there is for your dog. But how do you choose the food that will be best for them, the one that will perfectly meet their needs, knowing that this is the food they will eat day in and day out? Furthermore, with the vast array of dog kibble offered on the market, how do you know which one you should choose?

To help you make a choice, in July 2021, the Protégez-Vous magazine evaluated 296 kibble for different dog sizes (link offered in French only) from various brands such as Nutrience, Farmina N&D, Kirkland, Vetdiet, Pedigree and Purina One. Thus, they named 60 “Best Choices” and 17 “Good Choices” according to precise and predetermined criteria.

Best Dog Food Analysis Criteria

Protégez-Vous is an independent, non-profit organism entirely dedicated to informing and educating Quebec consumers by providing comparative tests (more than 2200 per year), annual guides and special issue practical guides.

To conduct its test on the best dog food, Protégez-vous purchased 296 bags of kibble for healthy adult dogs (without any special dietary needs) from pet shops, grocery stores, and vet clinics, and which were selling at a maximum price of $5.61/1000 kilocalories of metabolizable energy (ME kcal).

A panel of four experts in pet nutrition and metabolism, including a veterinary doctor and researcher, blind-tested product quality to rate them, taking into account various criteria, which mainly consisted of the following:

  • Protein quality
  • Fat quality
  • Protein-to-fat ratio (PFR)
  • Fiber content
  • Humidity content
  • Calcium and phosphorus content
  • The amount of omega-3 and 6
  • The presence of important nutritional elements in the guaranteed analysis
  • The presence of the AAFCO statement

To be ranked as a “Best Choice”, products had to obtain a minimum global score of 87% in their category. Products that obtained a score between 80 and 86% were ranked as a “Good Choice”.

Nutrience products ranked as a “Best Choice”

During this study, several varieties of Nutrience dog kibble were given the “Best Choice” rank in their category, which makes it one of the best brands of dog food in Quebec.

For small dogs (10kg or less)

For medium dogs (10-25kg)

In this category, the first four “Best Choices” were Nutrience products.

For large dogs (25-35kg)

If you want the best food for your dog as per the recommendations of the Protégez-vous magazine study, consult our website to see the recommended products and the contact info for retailers.


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