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Dog-friendly Restaurants in Canada


1 August 2016



Patio season is in full swing. It’s so enjoyable to stop at a nice, sunny patio for a cold drink on a hot day. If you’re out for the day with your pup, however, this can be tricky. Most patios are not dog friendly, meaning that while you’re on the patio enjoying the sun, your dog needs to be tied up on the street. Some patios are situated right on the sidewalk, making it easier to be close to your dog while you’re inside the patio and they’re on the outside.

Wouldn’t it be nicer though if your pup could just come with you? We think so too, so we’ve put together a list below of restaurants that welcome dogs (some even allow them right inside!).

Wag Pet Shop/Café – Located in Ottawa, this pet store is also a coffee shop, becoming Ottawa’s first pet-friendly café. Serving both drinks and lunch options, this spot also offers dog daycare. Learn more about Wag Pet Shop/Café here.

Williams Coffee Pub – Located inside PawsWay in Toronto, visitors can enjoy a coffee or a snack both outside and inside with their pup. Learn more here.

Sandstone Grillhouse – Located in Niagara Falls, ON, Sandstone Grillhouse serves casual fine dining fair on a fully pet friendly patio. Learn more here.

Goodwolfe Kitchen & Bar – Located in Vancouver’s Yaletown, Vancity Buzz reports that the owners of this pet friendly patio are dog lovers themselves who plan to build dog beds and platforms so dogs can rest comfortably while patrons eat and drink. Learn more about this great restaurant here.

Wendel’s Bookstore & Café – Located in Fort Langley, BC, Vancity Buzz reports that this pet friendly spot has support beams running down the length of the patio, allowing pet owners to tie their dogs close by, regardless of where they’re seated outside. Learn more about this lovely spot here.

Ranchman’s Cookhouse and Dancehall – Located in Calgary, AB, this restaurant offers a canine cantina, where dogs are gated off from the restaurant and bar and free to roam around the area. Learn more about what this restaurant has to offer here.

Le Doggy Café – Located in Montreal, QC, Bring Fido reports that this is Montreal’s only restaurant welcoming both pet owners and their pets. The café is geared specifically towards dogs, offering dog training classes and workshops. Learn more here, or on their French website.

Sassafraz – Located in Toronto, Sassafraz is a longstanding fine dining spot in the wealthy Yorkville neighbourhood. Dogs are welcome on the patio. Learn more here.

Fat Mardi’s – Located in Mont Tremblant, QC, this restaurant’s entire patio is pet friendly – great news for those vacationing in Mont Tremblant with their pup. Learn more here.

The Foggy Goggle – Located in Halifax, NS, dogs are welcome on the outdoor summer patio. The restaurant provides shade, water, and chew toys, helping to ensure your pup is happy while you enjoy your meal. Learn more here.

Do you have a pet friendly spot in your hometown? Tell us about it below!