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How to Grow Your Own Catnip Plant and DIY Cat Toy


22 May 2015



Nepeta Cataria, also known as catnip, is the well known herb that drives felines into a frenzy and allows them to exhibit euphoric behaviours.

This plant is part of the mint family; it’s used as a substance to enhance cats’ enjoyment and is completely safe for your pets to enjoy. There are many products available that contain catnip but why not learn how to grow your own cat herb to have at paw’s length?

  1. Purchase catnip seeds from your local home or garden store. You will also need a small amount of potting soil and a small pot. We encourage you to get your children to paint or decorate the pot to customize for your family.
  2. Place soil in pot. Use a pencil to create holes about 1/8 inch deep and 1 inch apart.
  3. Sprinkle the catnip seeds into each hole and cover the seeds with soil.
  4. Place pot in as much sunlight as possible. The hard part: finding a place that your cat won’t be able to reach as they will naturally be drawn to the smell of the budding plants.
  5. Water daily and watch your catnip plants grow.

When the plants are ready, pick off leaves and set them in the sun to dry. Find an old sock and place catnip leaves inside and tie in a knot. Give to your feline and watch them drift into their own happy place!