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How to Prevent Your Cat From Tipping Over the Christmas Tree


25 November 2021



The holidays are approaching, and we all know how exciting decorating the house is during this time. Garlands, wreaths, trinkets, bells, and… the Christmas tree. For most cat owners, this can be a bit of a concern. Cats love to climb and hide which is why the Christmas tree is the perfect target. Unfortunately, our favourite glass ornaments don’t always make it when the cat climbs through the branches, or even in the worst of cases, tips over the tree. If you’re tired of picking up shattered bulbs, we have a few tips that might help save a few. Here’s how you can prevent your cat from tipping over the beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Cats Hate Citrus Fruits

Orange, lemon, and lime peels spread around the tree are a great solution to keeping your cat away from it. You can also purchase a non-toxic citrus spray at your local pet store that you can spray all over your tree. The smell is faint and pleasant to the human nose but is definitely noticeable to a cat’s nose. Make sure to put some peels or spray the bottom of the trunk to discourage your cat from climbing the tree.

Decorate With Shatterproof Ornaments

Glass shards are not only unpleasant but are actually quite dangerous for your cat and even you. The sharp pieces of glass of a broken ornament can cut your cat’s paws or any other animal or person that touches the shards. To avoid any harm, it is best to put plastic, shatterproof, felt, paper, plush or wooden ornaments. It is especially important to avoid putting any tinsel on your tree, as this can severely damage your cat’s digestive system if ingested.

Secure the Base and Ornaments

In order to prevent tree tipping, it’s best to properly secure the bottom as well as the decorations. Try tying your ornaments to the tree or tightly wrapping the metal wire around the branch to avoid any decorations from falling. Opt for a strong base that will secure the tree even in the event that your cat jumps on the tree.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Odds are, if your cat can’t see your tree, they won’t be thinking about climbing it. It is best to keep your tree in a room where you can shut the door or where your cat doesn’t often spend time. Similarly, you may want to purchase a new toy for your cat to keep them distracted and uninterested in your tree.

We hope our tips help prevent your cat from tipping over your Christmas tree this year!

Happy Holidays!


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