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What Are the Benefits of Mixed Feeding for Dogs and Cats?


7 July 2022



What is mixed feeding?

Mixed feeding is the simple combination of two different types of foods together. This can be done in the same feeding bowl, or they can be served at different times of the day. Most commonly, pet owners like to feed wet and dry food, this is especially good for picky eaters. Here are some popular Nutrience food combinations for dogs and cats:

  • Kibble and canned food for dogs and cats
  • Kibble and Freeze Dried Raw food for dogs and cats
  • Kibble and treats for dogs and cats

What are the benefits of mixed feeding?

1) Adds Variety

Mixing different types of food is a great way to add variety to your pet’s diet. Not only will the moisture of Nutrience’s wet food enhance the flavour, but it will also bring out some of the aromas from the kibble, making it overall more appealing to your pet. We always recommend mixing in a little wet food if you find your pet isn’t enjoying their kibble as much as they once did. Pets need variety, just like us!

2) Hydrates

Not only will you be making mealtime more exciting for your pet, but you will also be increasing the amount of hydration in their diet. This is a great and easy way to ensure your pet is staying hydrated, especially if they do not drink enough water throughout the day. The intake of these extra liquids will also dilute the urine of the pet which helps decrease the likelihood of developing urinary infections.

Your pet will also benefit from a mix of different proteins if they are currently on a single-protein diet. Your pet will surely appreciate the extra nutrients from Nutrience’s wet food!

3) Controls Weight

Wet food is less caloric than kibble – it can dilute the calories and minimize the risk of unnecessary weight gain. Make sure to maintain proper portions when doing a mixed feeding for your pet. It’s easy to lose track of how many calories your pet is ingesting when mixing different formulas, use our Feeding Calculator for a more tailored feeding recommendation.

Wet food is especially helpful for older pets to maintain their calorie intake. As they get older, they may be more prone to losing weight due to loss of appetite, teeth or gum pain, or food sensitivity. Nutrience Care wet food offers targeted solutions for pets with anxiety, hyperactivity, food sensitivities, dental, and weight problems. No matter the age of your pet, it’s never too late to start introducing wet food into their diet.

TIP: You may also want to slowly introduce your pet to mixed feeding to avoid any upset stomachs.

These are just a few of the benefits offered by Nutrience wet food. Happy feeding!


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