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Nutrience, Asista & SWLSB – Doggy Pilot Project


28 May 2019




Asista and the Sir Wilfred Laurier School Board, with the help of partner Nutrience, inaugurated two facility service dogs aiming to improve the quality of life for the students with special needs and anxiety at Laval Junior Academy and Crestview Elementary schools.

Roaming the halls are Hope, the Labrador at Crestview Elementary School and Wall-E, at the Laval Junior Academy. Along with many other Asista dogs, Hope and Wall-E are doing their part to assist the kids in their daily lives.

“Autism, anxiety disorders and other mental health illnesses are on the rise and the goal of the Facility Service dog program is to provide an open, accessible environment for both students and adults“ said John Agionicolaitis, Spokesperson and co-found for the Asista Foundation.

We hope to continue to promote a healthier life for individuals with special needs through the unconditional love that a service dog provides.

One service dog at a time!

Visit our Asista page for more information on our partnership.