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Nutrience Pet Food Launches New Grain Free Dry Food Formulas and Treats


16 April 2015



Montreal, April 16, 2015 – Nutrience Pet Food have introduced five new dry food formulas, as well as a range of treats for dogs and cats, to their current line of grain-free foods. Nutrience Grain Free dry foods for dogs and cats have received Low Glycemic and Diabetic Pet-Friendly certifications by the Glycemic Research Institute. Nutrience food and treats are available across Canadian pet specialty retailers.

“We believe in the importance of crafting a variety of quality diets,” explains Warren House, Brand Manager for Nutrience. “Our new Grain Free formulas for dogs and cats offer new and unique proteins for pet parents looking for alternative diets or for possible hypoallergenic solutions.” Animal and fish proteins make up the first ingredients in Nutrience Grain Free formulas and consist of a variety of low-glycemic fruits and vegetables such as sweet potato, lentils and green peas. Grain Free formulas are a great substitute for pets with certain food sensitivities and are excellent choices for pets with a particular lifestyle or for pet owners who simply prefer to feed their pets a grain-free diet.

Grain Free formulas from Nutrience that qualify as hypoallergenic solutions include:

Two new small breed dog formulas have been added to Nutrience’s Grain Free line:

A new formula has been developed for indoor cats which reduces the formation of hairballs and eases their intestinal transit:

The Grain Free line also includes a new variety of cat and dog treats that are made in Canada and crafted from natural ingredients:

About Nutrience

Nutrience, a Canadian pet food and registered trademark of Rolf C. Hagen, Inc., was created in 1988. Nutrience food is available in dry or wet formats in three product lines: Nutrience Original, Nutrience Natural, and Nutrience Grain Free. Nutrience Grain Free also includes treats for dogs and cats. Nutrience stands by its No Bad Anything promise of delivering products containing no corn, wheat, soy, by-products, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and make it a priority to source ingredients from Canadian and US growers.

About Rolf C. Hagen, Inc.

Since 1955, the Hagen family has created products of uncompromising excellence that pet parents have come to trust. The Hagen family remains actively involved in all aspects of the company, including the production of Nutrience in their very own state-of-the art human-grade facility in New York.