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Nutrience SubZero Rated the Best Dog Food


11 May 2022



Dog owners are always searching for the absolute best dog food. This may be a challenge for some as there are so many brands and products out there. How can pet parents be certain that they’re buying the best food for their 4-legged friends?

At Nutrience, we are proud to use quality ingredients in all our products to ensure a happy and healthy dog. After seeing the Nutrience reviews from Dog Food Advisor, Pet Food Ratings, and consumers, find out why pet parents like Laurie from Thunder Bay have claimed that SubZero is “Nothing but the best!”. Don’t just take our word for it, let’s hear what pet parents have to say about Nutrience.

Nutrience Grain Free SubZero Receives 5 Star Rating

Based on the Dog Food Advisor’s analysis, they concluded that “Nutrience SubZero is a grain-free dry dog food using a significant amount of named meat meals as its predominant source of animal protein, thus receiving 5 stars. Enthusiastically recommended.” They noted that the best thing about SubZero is its wide array of protein sources including chicken, turkey, herring, cod, and legumes. See their full analysis here.

Nutrience SubZero Earns 9.6 Rating

Pet Food Ratings’ analysis highlights the inclusion of nutrient-rich organ meats such as Chicken liver, Chicken heart, Turkey liver, and Turkey heart. These organ meats are essential for dogs as they are naturally rich in quality protein, minerals, and complex B vitamins. Pet Food Ratings based their rating on the “excellent all-around ingredients” included in our SubZero formulas. They highlighted the high-quality salmon, herring, and coconut oils found in our kibble. See their full analysis here.

How Do Pet Parents Feel About SubZero?

Here’s what Maverick’s pet parents have to say about SubZero:

“There are many reasons why we chose to feed Maverick Nutrience SubZero Prairie Red. The two biggest are that 1. Nutrience is a Canadian company and 2. the ingredients in the formula. We love knowing that our dogs are eating quality food that we feel confident feeding.” You can check out Maverick and his brother Colby on their Instagram page: @northerndood

Here’s another review from S. Quernemoen, a satisfied pet parent from our Facebook page:

“I love the SubZero brand they have! My dog is sensitive to many kinds of vegetables, grains, and cooked chicken. I have had a VERY hard time finding a food that meets MY standards, but also one that he can eat without getting ill. SubZero has fully fulfilled my needs! My dog’s coat is shiny and soft, and his excrement is healthy and solid, which is saying something for him on a kibble. I found this food when looking for kibble for my cat, actually, and after I switched her, and saw the changes, I decided to put him on it too.”

Nutrience SubZero best dog food
Maverick @northerndood

For more consumer feedback on our SubZero line, check out our products here.





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