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Our Picks: Top 5 Halloween Costumes for Your Pet


27 October 2015



Halloween is just around the corner! This year, why not have your pet join in on the trick-or-treating fun? Here are our top picks for creative (and often hilarious) pop culture-inspired costume ideas for 2015.


The “Tacocat is a Palindrome” costume is not only a great costume for your feline friend, it has the added hilarity of being a palindrome – a word or sentence, which when read both forwards and backwards, spell the same word – as well as an iconic meme.


These Danaerys and Jon Snow costumes would look adorable on either puppies or kittens… seriously, winter is coming. Or, you could dress up as the famous Khaleesi and dress up your pup or kitty as a dragon (see #2 here)… or if you’re a pet parent to a Husky or Malamute (and you’re naturally blessed with the gorgeous dark hair of Jon Snow), you could go as the proverbial watcher on the wall and his pal, Ghost.


Show off your very own little minion this Halloween! As you can see, these costumes look great on both cats AND dogs. You can even choose between a two-eyed minion (like the serious Kevin or the more slapstick Dave) or a Cyclops (like the goofy duo of Carl and Stuart).


If you have more than one dog or cat, recreate the raptor training scene in Jurassic World, which caused a huge buzz this year by dressing up your pack as raptors! Bonus points if you dress up like Chris Pratt.


With the movie coming out later this year, join the Star Wars hype by dressing up your pet as iconic characters from the franchise – Leia, Vader, Yoda or an ewok would all be great choices.

Do you have any other creative costume ideas for your pet? Enter your pet in the Nutrience Halloween Costume Contest on Facebook for a chance to win Nutrience food and more!