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PTSD Dogs – The Story of Craig and his Service Dog Joey


28 April 2016



Remember me?

If you have been following Nutrience we’re sure you will remember the story of Craig, and his service dog Joey. They are a pretty memorable pair and their story warmed our hearts.

Here’s a little recap of their beautiful journey in case you missed it:

Rewind to December 24, 2014. Craig Read who suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to an almost deadly pulmonary embolism was united with Joey, a service dog who was trained by the ASISTA foundation to perform specific tasks to ease Craig’s symptoms of PTSD.

Thanks to the generous help of Nutrience, Craig and Joey were happily united and able to start their lives together.

Ever since the support of ASISTA and Nutrience, Joey has helped Craig tremendously! Helping him get out of the house, sleeping better and noticeably reducing anxiety are just a few of the positives this pup brings to Craig’s life. It’s obvious this pair was meant for each other.

On A CTV News interview, Craig stated that “Joey is a lifesaver, he’s everything I wanted and more!”

Today, Joey continues to provide Craig with comfort, confidence and hope.