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Small faces for small places – top dogs for apartment living


26 May 2016



Apartment living can be great. In a big city especially, choosing to live in an apartment can provide greater opportunity to live in your city’s busy downtown neighbourhoods. Shopping, restaurants, bars, everything can be right at your doorstep. Apartment living is also much more affordable than a full size home. Having a private yard, however, is a major plus of living in a house vs. an apartment, particularly when you’re living with a dog. Being able to simply open the back door and run around the yard with your pup would be very convenient.

Perhaps you’re living in an apartment right now and thinking of getting a dog. While you may not have the convenience of a private yard, you do have the opportunity to choose a dog breed that may be better suited to apartment living. Some dog breeds are of course much larger than others, but some breeds can also adapt easier to a small living space. We found a great list of small dogs that make good apartment pets on dogtime, based on their rating on dogtime’s “Adaptability Breed Characteristic” dog breed finder. We’ve highlighted a few pups from this list below.


Maltipoos, a cross between a Maltese and Toy Poodle, are wonderful companions and great therapy dogs. They are affectionate by nature and very gentle.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise, sometimes mistaken for a poodle, has a good-natured disposition and a happy personality. They’re also adorable.

Coton de Tulear

More than anything, the good-natured and smart Coton de Tulear loves to be with their owner. A day spent around the house and running a few errands is perfect for this pup as long as you’re doing it together.


The Havanese is extremely affectionate with everybody they meet. They are especially devoted to their family, preferring to stay by their owner’s side at all times. Havanese can become anxious when left alone, so play time in a large yard by themselves would not be enjoyable. This is definitely a pup bred for apartment living.


The Yorkipoo is a very happy pup that loves to have fun. Yorkipoos make wonderful companions with an affectionate personality and energetic nature.

Are you living with one of the breeds above? What breeds would you recommend for apartment living? Tell us below!

Source: http://dogtime.com/dog-health/general/5265-small-dogs-apartment