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What Is the Difference Between Air Drying and Freeze Drying Pet Food?


1 April 2021



You’re considering switching your pet to air dried food? But what is air drying and how does it differ from freeze drying? Here’s a quick explanation to highlight the differences between the two. Both air-dried and freeze-dried foods are considered alternatives to raw food. Air drying and freeze drying are preservation methods that eliminate the moisture for microbial growth without the use of high temperatures. Both methods produce a tasty food that can be stored at room temperature and both methods preserve vital nutrients, offering nutrition that is similar to a raw diet. 

What is air-dried food?

To air dry food, the moisture is removed via the process of evaporation. Ingredients are placed into drying chambers, where air is continually circulated, slowly and gently evaporating moisture until a maximum level of 14% is reached. With higher moisture than freeze-dried, air-dried diets offer scoop & feed convenience.

What is freeze-dried food?

To freeze dry food, the moisture is removed via the process of sublimation. Raw ingredients are frozen, then placed in a strong vacuum, turning the ice directly into vapour. Because almost all moisture is removed, freeze-dried foods often require rehydration before serving.

You can consult the chart below for a summary of the differences between air-dried and freeze-dried pet food:

air dried versus freeze dried food

Why feed your dog or cat Nutrience Air Dried food?

Nutrience Air Dried food for dogs and cats is a complete and balanced, raw-inspired food showcasing our country’s fresh, high quality ingredients. Our foods are handcrafted in small batches in Canada and gently air dried at low temperatures to preserve all the nutrients and flavours that our ingredients have to offer. Our formulas are made up of 92% meat, poultry, and fish, and 8% of fruits, fats, vitamins, and minerals, resulting in a highly digestible, highly nutritious and, just simply, a really good-for-them food. Plus, all our air-dried meat, poultry and fish are completely free from hormones and antibiotics.

Nutrience Air Dried formulas are supplemented with purposely selected ingredients such as local cranberries, blueberries, apples & pumpkin for their antioxidant and fiber-rich content, coconut oil and fish oil to maintain a healthy skin & coat. It also contains parsley to help manage bad breath, and probiotics to support gut health. Nutrience Air Dried food is over 98% digestible and 100% good! If you’re looking for a food with no grains, no pulses, no meat meals, no fillers, no artificial colours, flavour or preservations, Nutrience Air Dried food is a great option for your dog or cat.

Choose your pet’s favourite protein from our selection of different formulas, and feed as a meal, topper or treat.


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