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Why Does My Dog Get the Zoomies?


10 November 2022



It’s calm and quiet in the house and then suddenly, your dog gets a burst of energy and starts running and jumping around everywhere. Nothing triggered them to act this way, so what exactly caused this behavior? It was most likely Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAPs), most commonly known as the zoomies.

What are Zoomies?

Zoomies are caused by a build-up of energy. If your dog’s denied an opportunity to express this energy, then they may get the zoomies once this energy is finally released. Zoomies in dogs are usually displayed in a repetitive behavior, such as running around the house or dining room table several times.

When do Zoomies Happen?

Zoomies are a way for dogs to let their energy out, they usually happen first thing in the morning after sleeping or in the evening if they’ve been indoors all day and haven’t been on a walk. They can get the zoomies after a stressful situation, such as after a vet visit, after being washed, or after doing their business!

All types of dogs can get the zoomies, from chihuahuas to German Shepherds. A  dog can get the zoomies at any age; however, it is more prevalent in puppies since they have a lot more energy and require a lot more exercise.

Are Zoomies Normal?

Zoomies are normal for the most part, they generally happen when your dog is feeling happy and excited. If you’ve witnessed them getting the zoomies, you’ve probably noticed that they look happy while they’re running around, this is because they are thrilled that they’re finally letting out their pent-up energy.

It’s important to monitor when your dog’s getting the zoomies, if it’s after a bath, then this is normal behaviour. Even if your pet gets enough exercise, it is normal for them to have the occasional zoomies. If you however notice that they’re getting the zoomies more frequently and it’s becoming unmanageable, then this could be a sign that they’re not getting enough exercise or mental stimulation. If your dog is properly exercised and still engages in frantic behaviour, your dog may be hyperactive and could benefit from a calming formula such as Nutrience Care Calm & Comfort.

What to do When Your Dog Gets the Zoomies?

Ensure that the area they are running around is safe. If they are outside, a gated fence is ideal, that way they won’t get into any trouble. If they are indoors, make sure that no sharp objects are in the way of your dog’s path.