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*In order to support lean body mass in overweight pets, feed your pet according to their TARGET bodyweight, not their current bodyweight. Combine with exercise (energetic play) to burn calories and reduce excess weight.

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Environmental Practices

Nutrience environmental practices

A Greener Paw Print

Starting with where we work

Nutrience, being one of Hagen’s largest brands, is among the noteworthy LEED Gold Level private commercial buildings in Canada. It has won numerous green awards for energy conservation and the use of recycled materials. The building features state-of-the-art geothermal heating & cooling and utilizes ambient lighting. From the company’s earth-friendly global headquarters, a Gold Level LEED building which uses the earth’s core for heating and cooling, Hagen is deeply committed to protecting the natural environment and thereby the biodiversity that contributes so much to its display.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Ingredients

Nutrience’s formulas are made with locally sourced ingredients that are humanely raised and sustainably harvested. Local sourcing reduces our carbon footprint by minimizing the amount of travel time, fuel consumption, air pollution and refrigeration needs.

All fish sourced for Nutrience dry food formulas are wild caught.

Renewable/Sustainable Resources

Nutrience promotes and supports sustainable farming among local farmers and growers. Sustainable farming uses practices and methods that are economically viable and environmentally sound. Fruits, vegetables and animal products that are sustainably raised and harvested help to promote the preservation of the environment.

At Nutrience, we believe we have a responsibility towards pets, people and the planet to create and produce pet food sustainably. Encouraging sustainable practices is our way of reducing our environmental footprint while also enhancing the lives of Canadian farmers and growers.

Likewise, Hagen manufactures a growing number of products from renewable or sustainable resources such as bamboo, canvas and cotton. Ceramic is replacing melamine bowls for small animals and dogs and cats. Glass bottles are replacing plastic.


Hagen is a proud long-term sponsor and supporter of parrot conservation efforts via the “World Parrot Trust” and the “Loro Parque Foundation”.
Exo Terra has teamed up with leading conservation foundations to safeguard endangered reptile species and their natural habitats.
Fluval has established three new conservation partnerships in the hopes of making a profound and positive impact on our natural aquatic environments while bringing awareness and funding to these causes. The chosen organizations work to promote the conservation and sustainability of fish, coral reefs and biotopes.

Animal Rescue

Nutrience supports local animal shelters and organizations on a continuous basis throughout the year. Providing product samples, as well as food to these organizations, helps keep their doors open and allows them to continue to educate and promote companion animal health and well-being, which is an important part of Nutrience’s ethical values.

Reduced Packaging

Using substrates higher in recyclable material, Hagen keeps its packaging footprint as tight as possible so as not to produce excessively large boxes or blister cards.

Waste Reduction

All Nutrience waste materials are sorted and recycled.

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Future Initiatives

Nutrience hopes to see a greener future by using recyclable bags for all our dog and cat foods in the years to come.
Nutrience will continue to support and sponsor organizations that have a common goal of leaving a smaller ecological “paw print” on the planet.
Hagen’s ongoing research contributes to the discovery, improvement and adoption of sustainable business practices.