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*In order to support lean body mass in overweight pets, feed your pet according to their TARGET bodyweight, not their current bodyweight. Combine with exercise (energetic play) to burn calories and reduce excess weight.

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This calculator is to be used for estimations only.

Every pet is unique on the amount of food needed.

Pet's Name *

Ideal weight *

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*In order to support lean body mass in overweight pets, feed your pet according to their TARGET bodyweight, not their current bodyweight. Combine with exercise (energetic play) to burn calories and reduce excess weight.

Available sizes

2,27 kg(SKU-C2422)
5 kg(SKU-C2423)

Nutrience Care Hairball Control Cat Food

Customer Rating (83)

Nutrience Care® Hairball Control is formulated with pineapple extract and a special blend of dietary fiber to help reduce hairballs by comfortably stimulating hair transit through the digestive tract. Rich sources of omega-3 & 6 fatty acids are also added to help maintain a healthy skin and coat. In addition to caring for your cat’s special needs, we’ve taken great strides to ensure their care is delivered in the form of a high-quality, gluten-free diet, made of healthy, wholesome ingredients.

The importance of a good digestive system and healthy gut flora cannot be overstated when it comes to proper nutrient absorption. That’s why every bag of Nutrience Care® includes Digestiboost – made with ingredients like pumpkin, chicory root, turmeric and ginger to help support overall gut health.

Recommended for: 

  • Adult and senior cats
  • Management of hairball regurgitation

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Eliminate Hairballs Through Stool

Specifically formulated to help eliminate ingested hair through the stool rather than through regurgitation.

Reduce Formation of Hairballs

With dried pineapple and natural fiber to help reduce the formation of hairballs and ease intestinal transit.

Rich in Omega-3

Coconut oil and salmon oil, rich in omega-3, to help maintain a healthy skin and coat.


Chicken, chicken meal, potato protein, chicken fat, sun-cured alfalfa meal, tapioca, ground Miscanthus grass, chickpeas, pea fiber, lentils, peas, menhaden oil, natural flavour, flaxseed, calcium carbonate, coconut oil, potassium chloride, botanicals
(ginger root, pumpkin, turmeric, carrot, apple, blueberry, broccoli, butternut squash,
cranberry, licorice root, peppermint, pomegranate, spinach), pea protein, salmon oil, sunflower lecithin, DL-methionine, choline chloride, taurine, yeast extract, L-lysine, calcium propionate (preservative), vitamins (vitamin E supplement, L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate, niacin supplement, d-calcium pantothenate, riboflavin supplement, vitamin A supplement, thiamine mononitrate, vitamin B12 supplement, menadione sodium bisulfite complex, pyridoxine hydrochloride, biotin, vitamin D3 supplement, folic acid), minerals (zinc proteinate, iron proteinate, manganese proteinate, copper proteinate, sodium selenite, calcium iodate), L-carnitine, sunflower oil, dried chicory root, L-tyrosine, whey protein concentrate, Yucca schidigera extract, dried Bacillus licheniformis fermentation product, dried Bacillus subtilis fermentation product, dried pineapple (natural source of bromelain), rosemary extract, preserved with mixed tocopherols and citric acid.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein min. 34%
Crude fat min. 16%
Crude fiber max. 9%
Moisture max. 10%
Omega-6 fatty acids* min. 2.2%
Omega-3 fatty acids* min. 0.7%
Total microorganisms* min. 95,000,000 CFU/lb

(L. acidophilus, L. casei, B. bifidum, E. faecium
in descending amounts).

*Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles.
Contains a source of viable, naturally occurring microorganisms.

CALORIE CONTENT (calculated): 3,665 kcal/kg or 416 kcal/cup ME

Nutrience Care® Hairball Control is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance.

Feeding Guide

Please use our feeding calculator for feeding recommendations.

2.2-6.6 lb (1-3 kg): Less Active: 1/6-1/3; More Active: 1/4-1/2
6.6-11 lb (3-5 kg): Less Active: 1/3-1/2; More Active: 1/2-2/3
11-15.4 lb (5-7 kg): Less Active: 1/2-2/3 More Active: 2/3-3/4
15.4-20 lb (7-9 kg): Less Active: 2/3-3/4; More Active: 3/4-1


It is important to gradually transition your cat from one food to another. Start with a proportion of 25% Nutrience to 75% old food. Slowly change the proportions over the next 5 to 7 days by gradually increasing the amount of Nutrience and decreasing the amount of the old food.


Compare with other brands

Nutrience Care
Royal Canin - Hairball
Science Diet - Hairball Control
Fresh protein 1st ingredient
Quality protein meal 2nd ingredient
Minimum 34% crude protein
No corn, wheat or soy
Fruits & Vegetables
Fish oil
Coconut oil
Prebiotics & probiotics
Bromelain (Pineapple extract)
Rich in soluble & insoluble fiber
Digestiboost to support gut health




I've fed Maia with Nutrience Care Hairball Control. It keeps her healthy, and she enjoys her food just as much! She now has a soft and shiny coat, good weight for her size, and energy. My experience with this food line for my cat has been great!

Our customer’s reviews

Customer Rating (83)

Jasina, Nanaimo

My cat enjoys the taste, and it does well at keeping the hairballs to a minimum

rose flanagan, Campbellton, New Brunswick

Love nutrience for my calico cat, been on hairball since I had her, loves her food and never seen a hairball yet , so I know it works, also its good for her fur . I will never change as its the best cat food for her .

Doug Cri, Winnipeg, MB

We got Nutrience Care Hairball formula for our black-haired girl 'Weasel'. as she grooms our ginger 'Sunshine', and hucks up golden hairballs... Both my girls now chow down on this, and it seems that there are less hairball incidents :)

COLA, Montreal

My cat likes this cat food, there is no picky eater, and it reduces the frequency of throwing up hair balls.

Kelly, Ontario

We've officially made the switch! Cheddar loves it!!! Cheddar is 11 years old, and has always had issues with his stomach, and hairballs. Atleast once a year I try, and change his food hoping it will help, but he obsolutly refuses to even try it. The second I open the bag of Nutrience he runs to his bowl in excellent. It seems to be making a difference too!

Rose Weidner, North Vancouver

Dexter absolutely loves the Hairball control, it is a joy to see how much he enjoys his food without having to add treats to it! Thank you

Sam, Toronto

Sam loved the hairball formula and it seems to help.

LoAn S, Mississauga

Great product!

Alex C, Hamilton

I loved switching over to his brand. Was great for my long haired black cat.

Teressa.e@hotmail.com, Hamilton

Works great for long hair cats. It's helped a lot since we switched over.

Trevor, Maple ridge

My cat enjoys the flavour she has been picky on certain types but enjoys this brand

Joni, Medicine Hat

Wow my cat just loved this cat food. I have a senior cat with dementia that never eats dry food. Very pick cat. He absolutely loved this food.. made a beeline for the bowl I put out.. and proceeded to eat for next 5 mins. I am thrilled. ran out and bought a HUGE bag of this. I have a cute video showing my Kyzer (cat) gobbling away.

Lisa, Calgary, AB

I have 3 cats and it has been difficult to find a food that they all like. They all love this food!

Lisa, Port Coquitlam bc

First time trying this brand and my cat LOVED it. We have substituted her treats for these as well and she always wants more. Will purchase more!

Gilles Complaisance, Repentigny,Quebec,Canada

My cat love it ,simply opening the bag he acts like he hasn't ate for weeks

Brooky, Muskoka

We have been feeding Nutrience to our cats for years now! All new flavours are always welcomed and pleasantly devoured by our little loves! High quality products that keep our pets healthy and very playful! We highly recommend Nutrience! The new line is fab!

Jenn Paul, Brantford

What an amazing product my baby girl loves it. So gentil and easy on her tummy. One happy mommy

Marienne Andersson, Kakabeka Falls

Our cat Annika loves this food and we have seen improvements in hairballs. They have to like the food for it to work. And it does

Jane Kim, Vancouver

My cat really liked this food and we saw noticeably less hairballs since she started eating it. She started waking us up earlier to eat breakfast every morning!

Mocha, Alberta

So Mocha tends to be a little picky with her food. However, this one she took an interest to right away and seems to enjoy the food. Obviously not as much as she enjoys her treats but that's okay lol. She would happily recommend to other kitties and her Mom will definitely buy Nutrience again!!!

Mike, Ridgetown, Ontario

Suzie Q, Norman Repuss and Shyla all love the food and it kept them from having any hairballs. Three out of three cats give it a 4 paws up each!

Gail, north vancouver, b.c.

Tinkerbell says thank you for the CARE+ hairball formula as she has medium length hair. We'll be making this an important addition to her diet.

Alyson, Nova Scotia

Gracie loves the Hairball formula and it has certainly cut down on the hairballs to clean up :)

Kat, Na

Great quality as it seems to be doing the trick for hairball control. Love that our xat has taken a great liking to her new food

Ginny, Mississauga

My cat loved this food! I will definitely be repurchasing!

Anne, Scarborough, Ontario

Cleo just keeps asking for them she loves them so much. I have the Hairball one. She can't get enough of them and I eventually have to say no more.

Cameron, Vancouver, BC

my cat is loving this food and will run to it at meal time!

Sheila, Salmon Arm, BC

Casper seems to be enjoying his food and so far, no more hairballs!

Dee Scott, Barrie

My Shelby loves this food and the bites are not to big, I have not seen any hairballs since using this food

illxminate@gmail.com, RICHMOND

kitty likes it !

Louis, Toronto

My cat loves his new food. He sometimes has soft poop when he ate dry food. But with this one. I’m glad to find a dry food that won’t upset his belly.

lee genders, niagara falls ontario

my cat loves the hairball control food she even will chew on the food as treats .

Tanya Page, Saint-georges

My cat Pukachou really lives her new food!!

Elissa, North York

My cat loves this food! She's a picky eater, but this is one of the few foods she absolutely adores.

Heather Blackburn, Peterborough

My cat loves this food. I love how it's really helped with the amount of hairballs wr have around out house. My cat is very long haired so the hairballs use to be every where. He seems to have a lot kore energy as well which is great when my kids are playing with him.

Nicole, Grand Falls-Windsor

My cat throws up almost every day. I tried this food and seen a huge improvement in the number of times she was throwing up each week. She seemed to love the taste as well!

Iris Kisch, Hope, BC

My lovely little kitten just loves the Hairball Control food! In fact, he shows a distinct preference for this food compared to any other. Will definitely be getting this one for him.

R Louis, Toronto

My cats both love it!

Ginette Lavigne, Saint Hilaire Quebec

What can I say my cats absolutely love the product!

Stephen Mellor, Otterburn Park Quebec

MY two cats both love the hairball control formula. When my wife goes to the cupboard where the product is kept they go a little crazy. I highly recommend this product for your cats!

France Charbonneau, Mtl

Charlie, love his Care Hairball Control. Hes meowing when his dish is empty. I am also going to try other nutrience, Thank you

Vivian, Newfoundland

My cat loved this… have noticed less hair balls than usual and when he did get one it was expelled very easily

ydjzx, Calgary

My cat love this. She always tries to eat from the bag when we filling her bowl.

Brenda, Canada

I let my cat tried this product sample for a trial. Witney my cat always have falling fur as one of her biggest issues which was minimized and solve I would say by this nutrience. I know this product is quite expensive but it’s worth it indeed. So I’m convinced to invest to this than buying ineffective cheaper foods for my only cat.

Anna Simeone, Ville Lemoyne, Quebec

Seeing that my 3 year old cat was always trying to cough up hairballs, I decided to try Nutrience care and may I say, great choice for me and Marjo my cat. She coughs less and enjoys the flavor!🐱🧡

Anita Ponsford, Ingersoll Ontario

My cat Peanut loves her Care Hairball Control. She starts meowing when her dish is empty. I am also going to try her on the Care Oral Care Dry Food.

doreenrahman05@gmail.com, Calgary

My cat loves this food. It is the most healthy option for my fur baby!

Noelle, Salmon Arm

This is the only brand of food I will feed my cat. He has tried the Care hairball control as well as the Care oral health food. He loves them both and we have never had oral or teeth problems, nor do we see significant hair ball issues. I feel confident when feeding my cat this brand that he is getting the best nutrition I can offer him. I am a very satisfied customer.

Doug, Nl

My cat really enjoyed this cat food. He meows for more when I give it to him.

Jacquie, Victoria, BC

This food seems to agree with my cat's tummy moreso than what we were previously. Less accidents makes for a happier cat mom!

Kevin Hussynec, Fort McMurray, Alberta

My boy Luther is super-picky about his food so I filled his treat dispenser with the Nutrience hairball control food and he loves it so much that when his treat dispenser is empty he will sit beside it and howl until I refill it. As for me, I haven't had to clean up a hairball mess all week. Bravo Nutrience, you made a great product !!!

Jackie O'Hara, Mississauga, ON

Zoey loves it. She thinks they are treats and begs for them everytime I'm in the kitchen.

Darcy, Abbotsford, BC

My cat loves this food! I feed her the hairball formula and it works! She has not thrown up hairballs in weeks and before it was quite frequent. I recommend this food if your cat suffers from hairballs, you will see the difference!

Molly, Cambridge

My cat seemed to really enjoy this food. He gobbled it up pretty quick! Good quality cat food!

Michelle, Montreal

It’s my Siberian’s cat favorite up to now 😻

Corrina Ryan, Spaniards Bay newfoundland

My cat loved this food and I think I will buy again. She pretty much stopped bringing up hairballs. I am so grateful.

Christina J, Smiths Falls

My cat loves it. Hairballs are fewer and far between. She's a happy kitty.

Wayne, Canada

Lexi really took to the care product will be buying more

Lisa, Edmonton

My cat loves it. Now she won’t even touch other brands 🤦‍♀️

Milly, Vancouver, bc

My cat loves this food. We switched from science hills hairball control with no issues and she took to the food right away. I haven't seen a hairball since and it's only been a month. She has a DLH and sometimes will hairball a few times a day in the summer. Will continue to buy this!

J. Jensen, qualicum, bc

My cat seems to enjoy it very much, and I enjoy not having clean up cat puke all of the time.

Chris, Edmonton

My two cats Molly and Milo always used to throw up hairballs once a week but since they have been eating nutrience hairball control the throwing up has stopped.

James, Nepean

Mr. Mew is a fussy eater, he eats this dry cat food no problem Wow! As his food provider I recommend Nutrience Hair Ball Formula. Also he has not had a coughing ploblem due to hair , EXCELLENT.

Katie Koba, Ottawa, ON

My cat is enjoying this food. It has slowed down her eating, and since being exclusively on this for her dry food, has stopped regurgitating. Her hairballs don't seem to be as big or as frequent. Overall, both cat and catmom are happy with this food.

Cheryl, Montréal, Quebec

My cat loves the dry hairball food ! She knows which cupboard I place it in 🐈‍⬛

Gabriela, Alberta

Great product! Took sometime for Tuna to try it but didn’t lose my patience, we are at the stage when she really enjoy it!!!

Mike kuba, Grand Valley

Care hairball control, It took a couple of days but now my cat seems to love it , And I know it’s healthier for her,my dogs have been eating nutrients for years

Jennifer, Ontario,Canada

Our Midnite loves the Nutrience Health Oral Care and Hairball Control dry cat food. I feel good that I'm giving her options to keep her teeth healthier and hairballs down since she's not a fan of the toothbrush and also is a medium hair kitty.

Amanda, Niverville

My cat loves this food. Finally something she loves and I feel good about feeding her.

awilliamsarmstrong@gmail.com, Brampton

all 4 of my cats love this formula, definitely a high quality brand. will recommend to friends and family with cats. Thanks Nutrience

Dayna C, Windsor, Ontario

The hairball control in this good worked on my medium haired cat. Would definitely recommend and will be switching her food for good. Thank you Nutrience

Kim, Edmonton, AB

My senior cat is very fussy with dry food and I was very surprised that she took to the Hairball food right away and eats it everyday. I would recommend this brand to anyone with a picky eater. I am buying this dry food now and will be trying a wet version because that's her favorite but we haven't tried a Nutrience version yet

Leona, Winnipeg

I wish to state that I have a Cat who is very picky. My Cat actually loved this product of which we highly recommend.

Rhondarafuse@gmail.com, Trenton

1 cat wouldn't eat this but the other 2 finicky cats loved it. I liked that it didn't stink. I'll be continuing to use this. Now to find one for the other girl???

Janelle Pilgrim, Red Deer

Love the product!

Cheryl, Montréal Quebec

Misty loved her food very much. she kept wanting more of it

Brandi, Burnaby

Lucy loves this food. Soon as she sees me grabbing the bag to fill her bowl she starts talking. My other enjoyed it just as much. Haven't seen any hair balls lately. Thumbs up from our house.

Michelle, Saint John, NB Canada

Great Product!

Pam, Newfoundland and Labrador

My cat totally loved this food and him having a thick coat, I was always finding fur balls around but have since noticed a remarkable amount less since feeding him this brand.

Tessa, Ontario

My cat absolutely loved this and her being long hair, I'm always finding hairballs but have noticed a significant amount less, with this formula. I will be switching to this brand.

Denise Fortin, Shawinigan

Mon chat a bien aimé surtout les morceaux nous dedans.

d_schwandt2002@yahoo.ca, Barrhead

Thanks for a chance to try Nutrience care hairball control .I have tried it on my 2 cats and they love it haven't heard them coughing up hairballs since I tried it will definitely keep using it. Thanks for the sample

Lauren, Haldimand County, Ont

Absolutely love this food. I was offered a promotion to try any one of the Nutrience CARE foods and decided after time and time failing to find the right cat food for my guy I would give it a whirl. And not only does he love it, he has been hairball and vomit free since i switched to this formula. His weight and coat are perfect and I have been able to put all the researching into the right pet food to bed.