this is nutrience country

Our Nutrience Subzero line was developed for all life stages which includes puppies, kittens, adults and, seniors. Our Nutrience Subzero food comes in both a kibble and canned format. On the other hand, our Nutrience Infusion line contains wet and dry formulas for adult dogs as well as a specific kibble for puppies and senior dogs. For cats, we have a kitten formula as well as kibble and a pâté developed to target specific needs such as weight control or a food specifically formulated for indoor cats.

Nutrience all-natural food took its name from the word nutrient for some very good reasons. Specifically, it is clear Nutrience dog food and Nutrience cat food formulas provide the kind of pet food wellness essential to growth and to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Whether it’s Nutrience SubZero or Infusion, Nutrience in your pet’s bowl is the best quality food you can provide to nourish their body.

Our 9.98 million square kilometers of endless lakes, rivers and forests stretching from the Maritimes to the British Columbia coasts provide us with some of the best Canadian made and natural raw ingredients for our dog and cat foods and treats.
The freshest poultry, meats, wild-caught fish are sourced directly from Canadian farmers, ranchers and fishermen to bring you the best food that pet’s crave.

The result? Top of the line, Canadian healthy pet foods that will help your pets be their most active selves.