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7 Activities to do With Your Fur Baby on Father’s Day


14 June 2021



Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome pet dads out there! In celebration of this special day, here are some fun activities that you and your fur baby can do together!

1. Have a Picnic

Pack some delicious snacks for Dad and dog (or cat) alike and head over to the cutest picnic area you can think of. We recommend packing some sunscreen for yourself and setting up in a shaded area or by the water, so your pet does not overheat if it’s going to be a hot day.

2. Go on a Hike

There’s nothing more rewarding than exploring the world with your best furriend. Take them somewhere new and discover new smells and sights together. The best part? You’ll have a tired pet at the end of the day. A day well spent!

3. Teach Your Pet to Swim

Did you know Father’s Day falls on the first day of a summer this year? What a better way to celebrate than to cool off together in a pool or lake! If your pet doesn’t know how to swim, click here to find out how to teach them.

4. Have a Playdate With Another Pet and Pet Parent

Invite some friends or family over in your backyard to not only celebrate you but also your fur babies! And really, who doesn’t love a good ol’ barbecue?

5. Take Some Pictures With Your Pet and Have Them Printed

Today, most pictures stay digitalized and never make it into a frame. Use this occasion as an excuse to have your favourite picture of you and your fur baby printed! After all, what could make you happier than having a beautiful, framed memory on your desk at work?

6. Teach Your Pet a New Trick

Teaching your pet tricks is a great way to not only bond with them but stimulate them mentally. You’ll feel very accomplished and proud the next time someone asks you what kind of tricks your dog or cat can do!

7. Cuddle Up and Watch a Movie

Whether it’s in the backyard on a projector or inside on the couch, movies are always fun to watch! Our personal family favourite are the Disney classics Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmatians and The Aristocats.


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