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What is Limited Ingredient Pet Food?


20 February 2024



Concerned about your pet’s dietary sensitivities? Limited ingredient dog and cat food could be the solution. Similar to humans, pets can develop allergies to certain ingredients, causing discomfort. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of limited ingredient diets, offering a tailored approach to meet your pet’s unique needs.

How to determine if my dog or cat has an intolerance, sensitivity, or allergy?

Food allergies in pets can manifest in various ways, including itching, gastrointestinal upset, and even ear infections. Although allergy tests are an option, they are often fallible, and therefore, an elimination diet is more effective in helping identify a possible allergy, intolerance, or sensitivity. If your pet is showing signs of a food allergy but you’re not sure if they’re allergic to a protein, or another ingredient, it is best to get them started on a limited-ingredient formula.

What is a Limited Ingredient Diet?

Limited ingredient diets have emerged as a viable solution for managing food allergies in dogs and cats. These specialized diets simplify the ingredients list, reducing the chances of triggering allergic reactions. Typically consisting of a single protein source along with a limited selection of complementary ingredients like fruits, vegetables and essential vitamins and minerals. Additionally, these diets are often free from common allergens such as wheat, soy, and corn. Therefore, minimizing the risk of triggering food sensitivities or allergies in dogs and cats, making it an ideal option for pets prone to digestive issues or allergic reactions.

Choosing the Right Limited Ingredient Formula

When selecting the ideal limited ingredient pet formula, it’s crucial to prioritize quality and suitability for your pet’s specific needs. Nutrience SubZero Limited Ingredient formulas are meticulously crafted for dogs and cats of all life stages with food sensitivities and picky eaters who prefer to keep things… well, simple. Offering three limited ingredient options for dogs: Pork & Apple, Lamb & Pumpkin, and Duck & Pear, as well as two formulas for cats: Turkey & Pumpkin and Duck & Pear.

Our formulas feature single-source animal proteins like duck from Brome Lake, Quebec, pork from Alberta, turkey from Fraser Valley, British Columbia, and lamb from New Zealand, ensuring top-quality protein from trusted sources. Additionally, fresh Canadian ingredients such as apple, pear, and pumpkin not only enhance taste but also boost nutritional value with high fiber, promoting digestive health. The formulas are also free of wheat, soy, corn, dairy, egg, and chicken offering a balanced and wholesome meal your pet will enjoy!

Our kibble and freeze-dried raw dog and cat food are enriched with prebiotics and probiotics, promoting a healthy gut environment for optimal digestion and nutrient absorption. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids support skin and coat health, while essential vitamins and minerals fortify the immune system, providing additional protection against illnesses. Taurine, a key ingredient, supports heart and eye health, ensuring comprehensive well-being for your pet.

Allergies pose challenges for both pets and their owners. However, by pinpointing the underlying cause, we can alleviate our beloved companions’ discomfort.


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