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The Nutrience Summer Event for Dogs


9 June 2023



The Nutrience Safari Pawty

Join us at the Nutrience Safari Pawty taking place on June 11th between 12 and 4 pm at the Alexandre Bourgeau Park in Pointe-Claire. The event is hosted by Nutrience in collaboration with the Asista Foundation.

Get ready to unleash some serious fun because Nutrience is diving headfirst into the local community spirit! We’ve cooked up a tail-wagging event that will make your summer unforgettable. Can you hear the pawsome excitement building up?

Hold on tight because this year’s event is going full safari mode! That’s right, we’re bringing the wild side to you and your furry pals. And guess what? It’s all FREE and open to everyone! Woohoo!

Nutrience has lined up a bunch of activities that will make your dog’s tail wag like there’s no tomorrow. Stop by to watch a dog show featuring The Flying Team’s trick dogs! But wait, there’s more! Our talented dog caricaturist will capture your pup’s unique personality on paper. Plus, get your face painted like a true safari explorer and strike a pose in a fabulous photo booth.

Nutrience is bringing the jungle to life with giant games that will have both you and your dog jumping for joy. Get ready for a friendly competition and show off your skills in larger-than-life board games.

And of course, let’s talk about food. We know you’ll be hungry after all the excitement, so Nutrience has got you covered. Feast your eyes (and bellies) on delectable goodies from the famous Mr. Puffs truck. Can you resist those melt-in-your-mouth treats? Still hungry? Take a bite of the Zebra-themed bagels from Dizz’s Bagels! And to quench your thirst, there will be a refreshing lemonade stand.

Oh, did we forget to mention your furry friends? How could we! Nutrience will be handing out FREE doggie treats to keep their tails wagging. Plus, they can even taste test the Nutrience food at the kibble tasting booth.

Last but not least, Nutrience will be giving away fantastic prizes at the event. Yes, you heard it right. So mark your calendars, gather up your canine crew, and join us for the most exciting, action-packed, and wildly entertaining summer event in town!

About Nutrience

Nutrience is located in Baie-D’Urfé and has provided dogs and cats with complete and balanced diets for over 30 years. Our formulas are crafted in small batches in our very own kitchen located in British Columbia, Canada. We take great pride in sourcing fresh locally sourced high-quality ingredients for our formulas.  Nutrience offers a variety of product lines tailored to different life stages, sizes, and specific dietary needs of pets. Their lines include Nutrience SubZero, Infusion, CARE, Grain Free and Original.

About The Asista Foundation

The Asista Foundation is a non-profit group based in Laval. Its mission is to train service dogs for people with certain mental health issues as well as persons on the autism spectrum. The program’s goal is to establish a therapeutic relationship between the owner and their dog through various tasks supporting the owner’s handicap in order to help them overcome particularly difficult situations, whether in their own homes or in public places. When the Asista Foundation was officially registered in April 2012, the Nutrience team got involved and became the first official sponsor of Asista. 

About Refuge Magoo

Nutrience’s recent partner Refuge Magoo, a dog shelter located in Vaudreuil, will also be attending the event. Last month, Nutrience donated over $12,000 worth of dog food to their shelter, and we plan to grow our partnership with them even more in the coming years!  

We believe this event is a great opportunity to raise awareness for both service dogs and shelter dogs that need forever homes! See you there!


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